The cyber labs are online and are used to give hands-on practice on each of the core issues of cyberworlds. The entire training takes place using the CYBERIUM Labs platform.

The labs are an essential supplement to training and training and allow them to create a straight line in the cyber world.

Windows Forensics is a subfield of cyber forensics that is geared towards Windows systems. Given the number of Windows systems in use, an understanding of Windows forensics is crucial in order to mitigate the damage done by an attacker.

Network Forensics relates to the monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic for the purposes of information gathering, legal evidence, or intrusion detection. Unlike other areas of digital forensics, network investigations deal with volatile and dynamic information. Network traffic is transmitted and then lost, making network forensics a proactive investigation.

TCWF certification
ThinkCyber Online Labs

Windows Forensics and Network Forensics are part of the training programs in the digital forensics field developed by ThinkCyber. Students that will complete the program will be able to conduct digital forensics investigations, help identify intrusions, and more. 

 Forensics Training

Scenario 01

The Richmond VA police request your help in proving the guilt of one of their suspects. You will receive the computer files of the suspect which they believe contains a proof that he is indeed a drug dealer, and that he is related to another dealer whose name is Marcus. Your goal is to provide them with Marcus's phone number, and with the credentials of the suspect's bank account.

 Forensics Training

Scenario 02

In this scenario, the Europol requested assistance from our office in finding the location of a planned terrorist attack. Your goal is to research the computer, whose owner is suspected to plan a terror attack.

 Forensics Training

Scenario 03

In this scenario, the main server of a big and important company has been hacked. The hacker spread a virus that split the files into pieces.

The hacker demands a ransom to decrypt to a readable state. As a big and well-known corporation, they will not support illegal theft of information and as a result, they don’t intend to pay the ransom.

 Forensics Training

Scenario 04

The main processing unit has been compromised by a group of hackers. The attackers scrambled our users, but we have managed to dump the memory of the computers during the event but we couldn’t access the users. One of the users stored vital information - and it must be retrieved.

 Forensics Training

Scenario 05

A classified company that goes by PRIVATE INSURED LTD. has arrested a suspect based on an IP address, but they lack hard evidence against this person, as they cannot send you the drive, they had a private investigator to make a first analyses of the laptop, your goal is to gather evidence as we may face a national threat.

 Forensics Training

Scenario 06

A big project was attacked by ransomware, this company requires your assistance with helping them to order. You will have access to the computer files and to the main hard drive of the machine, your goal is to get back the original files.

 Forensics Training

Scenario 07

One of the most famous and trending clothing has requested your company assistance with a strange case. A computer in their network is stealing data, encoding it and sending it to a CNC server. They managed to capture a sample of the network which, they suspect, contains important PDF files.
Your goal is to find a way to decode them and recover the data.

 Forensics Training

Scenario 08

One of the employees of the company has gone mad after being fired, he stole his whole research and the data he gathered from the company database. Eventually, the IT and SOC teams discovered that he left a ‘data bomb’ designed to delete all files in the database after a few days. It seems that you have 2 hours, give or take, before the 'data bomb' goes off, your goal is to find the code to disarm it.

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