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Layer one: Building Security Foundations

Security Awareness e-Learning

Phishing Campaign

Get certified online with up-to-date content on risks. Enable your employees to understand how to protect your business.

Once the awareness training is over, a phishing campaign will add another layer of security by finding the weakest links. 

Security Awareness e-Learning 

  • Online training of 30 minutes + 10 minutes of test.

  • 10 main cyber security topics that will be divided for three minutes each.

  • After the test, employees can choose topics they would like to know more about.

  • Once trainee passes the test an email is sent to his manager with certificate.

  • Every year content is updated for relevant attacks and risks.

Phishing Campaign

  • Check awareness of your employees.

  • Send a phishing email and see employees that click and risk your business.

  • Phishing content can be changed.

  • Our phishing mail doesn’t risk organizations.

  • Can be done a few times during the year.

  • Comes as an add-on to Security Awareness e-Learning.

Layer two: Cyber Security Assessment

Let your clients know that with you, they are more secure

Security Assessment

  • Architecture Review will be done on site.

  • Server OS Testing will include: Info Gathering, Vulnerability Analysis and Exploitation.

  • User Interface Testing, Network Protocol Testing and Web Application Security on premise.

  • Reports will be distributed and over-viewed with our experts on site.

  • Solutions will be suggested per the client needs.

  • Network topology will be handed with reports for later uses.

  • A cyber security teams of 2-3 security experts are sent to perform and conduct this testing. If there is a need ThinkCyber would send more than one team.

Layer three: Cyber Resilience

Developing a Security Strategy

Cyber Products

  • Build a more secure office culture with dynamic device management solutions.

  • Secure your clients data with Firewall and Anti-viruses.

  • Use agents to control your network, manage problematic activities and create order.

Security Operation Center

  • Monitor your network on daily basis.

  • Get alerts as you are being attack.

  • Get a 24/7 support.

  • Can be supplied as a service or as system.

Cyber Security Consulting

  • We supply Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to your organization.

  • Incident Response teams for any cyber security event.

  • Skilled Forensics teams.

Layer four: Cyber Security Training

Future-proof your business

All of ThinkCyber’s training programs provide both theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience. The training helps students develop advanced thinking skills and utilize techniques for complex defensive and offensive operations.

ThinkCyber’s training environment, Cyberium Arena, is an advanced simulation platform that reinforces the classroom training, providing realistic training scenarios to improve the performance of your organization's security team.

Cyber Security Training

  • Build capabilities in house.

  • Create a training plan for your employees.

  • Train a SOC team in-house.

  • Get Red and Blue capabilities with the most advanced and up-to-date knowledge.

  • Customized training is available to save time and maximize knowledge. When customizing students need to take an online assessment test on ThinkCyber Assessment platform to help build the best training curriculum possible.

  • Training happens on site. Training over one month will be broken into parts and will have parts in remote training.

  • Cyberium Arena, ThinkCyber Simulator is an add-on for every course and training we supply. 

  • The Cyberium Simulator divides into: Basic (2-4 hours scenario) Intermediate (4-8 hours scenario) and Advanced (1-2 days ongoing scenario).

    • Every 40 hours of training, two basic simulations.

    • Every 80 hours of training, one intermediate simulation added.

    • Every 120 hours of training, one advanced simulation added. 

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