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This Threat Intelligence and OSINT training teach to collect, analyze, and apply targeted cyber intelligence to defensive operations in order to proactively act on sophisticated cyber-attacks. Starting with a better understating of threat intelligence on a strategic and operational level, to applying the cyber Intelligence lifecycle to the full-spectrum exercise of proactive network defense.

LAB 01

Tracing Basic Information

LAB 02

Searching for Information

LAB 03

Using OSINT Tools

LAB 04

Mastering Google Search-Engine

LAB 05

Automated OSINT Tools 

LAB 06

Searching the DarkNet

LAB 07

Identifying Avatars

LAB 08

Configuring OSINT Automations

Scenario: TOS001

A group called "OurMine" took control of the HBO accounts, as well as those for the network's shows, including Game of Thrones. The hackers released episodes of the series before scheduled. The security team was able to trace some of the hackers by tracing one of the attacker's nicknames on Twitter. You are hired to track the group.


Scenario: TOS002

On May 10th, Illinois Air National guard was a victim of information exposure. Personal information of Air Force members was leaked through social media platforms due to a lack of security settings on these websites. An intelligence team was on the case, and you are one of them. Use your OSINT skills and tools to find leads to the incident.

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Scenario: TOS003

A hacker nicknamed AlpHaNiX defaced Google, Gmail, YouTube, Yahoo, Apple, and more websites. Cybersecurity researchers found that the hacker used a strategy called DNS cache poisoning. A local security department responded and started to track those domains using their advanced OSINT tools. Help your team mitigate this security incident.


Scenario: TOS004

Kaspersky security researcher team reported that the Tor network is currently being used to hide 900 botnet and other illegal hidden services. Police Intelligence unit found information about a criminal who used the "Silk Road" - a popular underground market for merchandise purposes. As one of the intelligence team, track the criminal and to find any connections related to the Darknet.


Scenario: TOS005

The infamous hacking group Anonymous vowed an 'Electronic Holocaust' against Israel and promised to erase Israel from cyberspace, leaked credentials to 6000 routers including usernames and passwords. During the attack, the group used many hacktivist community webservers; use your skills, and find related information about the group targets.

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