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Penetration Testing training is a unique and in-depth course focusing on the practice of skilled penetration examiners and broad knowledge of finding weaknesses in organizations. Under this exceptional training, the students will acquire capabilities to identify infrastructure-level assaults.

LAB 01

Passive Information Gathering

LAB 02

Finding Web directories and Files

LAB 03

Active Information Gathering

LAB 04

Identifying Vulnerability and Exploits

LAB 05

Finding a Way

LAB 06

Post Exploitation and Evidence Gathering

LAB 07

Post Exploitation and Evidence Gathering

LAB 08

Maintaining Access

LAB 09

Analyzing Captured Images

LAB 10

Researching Security Solutions

Scenario: PT001

An administrator got informed that his domain was under a phishing attack. One of the employees fell for the phishing attempt, and the hacker got access to the domain website.


Scenario: PT002

A developer is working on a big organization website; you are being asked to prove your cyber capabilities before conducting penetration testing. Remember that any scan that would do too loud will get you blocked.


Scenario: PT003

A services company hired a penetration testing team before to expose any vulnerable services at their servers; they doubt the penetration test and now needs your help in validating the previous report.


Scenario: PT004

Israeli essential require your help with few tasks regarding penetration testing, the companies fear of being exposed to any vulnerabilities and want to make sure that their operations are safe.


Scenario: PT005

A credit rating agency is highly disparate to check for any vulnerability in its webserver after the massive data breach at Equifax. The network administrator requires your help to perform a penetration test on his servers to patch the flaws as soon as possible.

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