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Many laboratories rely on Python to build basic models for predictions and to run experiments. It also helps to control critical operational systems. Python has built-in capabilities to support the digital investigation and protect the integrity of evidence during an investigation. This training will provide the student with steppingstones on how to take forensics skills to the next level, combining them with powerful Python scripting.

LAB 01

Basic Python Scripting

LAB 02

Building Remote Connection

LAB 03

Panda Basics

LAB 04

Analyzing Network with Python

LAB 05


LAB 06


LAB 07

Linux Forensics

LAB 08

Building a Framework

Scenario: PF001

MNP, an accounting firm, suffered from a Ransomware attack that causes a major loss of data. You have been hired to recover the company’s data and help finish the investigation.


Scenario: PF002

Due to a recent cyber attack at Stadler’s IT systems, The company decided to hire you. The internal surveillance services are currently involved and discovered that the company was attacked by malware that caused a data leak. Use your network analyzing skills to find the attacker and the malware file.


Scenario: PF003

Greenville Water, a South Carolina water company, suffered a cyber-attack that caused the payment system to collapse. The attack affected 500,000 customers. Help find evidence and valuable data.

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Scenario: PF004

A new vulnerability has been discovered called SimJacker that affects SIM Cards in 29 countries. The exploit can be remotely hacked and gain access to the mobile phone. You have been hired by one of the cell companies that were effected to use your scanning skills to discover the vulnerability.


Scenario: PF005

Waterloo, Ontario-based Blackberry, discovered a group of Chinese hackers. The group exploited Linux servers such as Red hat, Centos, and Ubuntu secretly for eight years. They were abusing a security misconfiguration. As a member of the InfoSec team, your mission is to defend your network from attackers from using this exploit.

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