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During this training, students will study the fundamentals of the C and Assembly languages, which will allow the students to understand all the processes that are running behind the scenes, including reading and writing to memory. Students will get familiar with the program structure, data type, data movement instructions, arithmetic instructions, conditional instructions, interrupts, traps and exceptions, procedures, prologues and epilogues, syscall structure, and more.

LAB 01

Introduction to Malware Analysis

LAB 02

Advanced DNS Monitoring

LAB 03

Extracting Malware from Data Segments

LAB 04

Analyzing Processes

LAB 05

Basic Static Analysis

LAB 06

Basic Dynamic Analysis

LAB 07

Network Traffic Monitoring with Wireshark

LAB 08

Registry Analysis

LAB 09

Assembly Basics

LAB 10

Assembly x86 Programming

Scenario: MA001

A power company named City Power was attacked by ransomware that caused South Africa's financial capital Johannesburg to be left without power. The ransomware encrypted all of the company's database. As the malware analysis expert of the company, you have been assigned to analyze the malware.


Scenario: MA002

A group of security researchers discovered a new super-advanced malware that infected a European energy company. One of the malware's abilities is to dismantle anti-viruses processes and also contains anti-analysis features. You have been assigned to initiate an analysis of the malware.


Scenario: MA003

Security researchers revealed a malware that is attacking ASUS's software update server. The malware is injected while software updates. As a part of the ASUS information security team, you have been assigned to analyze the malware and create a comprehensive report.


Scenario: MA004

A security researcher discovered a cryptocurrency stealing malware on the official Google Play Store intended to steal bitcoin from users. You have been hired to study and exam the malware to learn how does it work.


Scenario: MA005

As an official of China's information security department, you have been assigned to study a rapidly spreading Ransomware that targets PC's all over China. Create an environment that will assist you in completing your mission.

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