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The proposed training program is constructed with rich content focusing on cyber defense for ICS-OT architecture, explaining the sources for vulnerabilities, attack paths, and attack vectors, a broad range of cyber security incidents and defense measures according to regional 

Our trainers are experienced in a broad range of ICS-OT applications capable of guiding the participants in understanding the risks, deploying procedures and best practices for upgrading their organization's cyber security posture, and maintaining an adequate level of cyber defense as required in the era of growing  business
and safety risks.

3 Days Hands-On Workshop
June 13-16, 2022 - Singapore

Introduction to ICS-OT
Cyber Security Risk and Defense




ThinkCyber is an Israel-based company with a broad range of cybersecurity professionals in information and operations technologies. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with the changing world of cyber threats and defense techniques. The company specifically focuses on training of engineers and operators to become ICS-OT Cyber security 

Daniel Ehrenreich

B.Sc. Engineering, MBA, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, SCCE-Secure Communications and Control Experts, having over 30 years of experience with SCADA & ICS-OT cyber security, deployed  for electric power, water, sewage, oil, and gas systems. 

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Cloud-Based Access

The practical part of the workshop will take place by connecting to the Cyberium Arena simulator and includes a simulated ICS architecture of a water utility developed specifically for this training

The Training

Introduction to ICS-OT Cyber Security

The training program is structured using a range of modules, including frontal sessions, online sessions, and hands-on exercises conducted via an online connection to the Cyberium Arena training simulator.




Hands-On Training

Covered Topics


• The trainees act as operators, and control the plant processes 
• They Perform unexpected changes and realize the consequences
• They take proactive actions to mitigate the risks and reduce the impacts
• They Perform emergency shutdowns and restarts the operations
• They Document the incidents and propose compensating security measures


• ICS-OT-IIoT Architectures and Applications
• Cyber Security Vulnerabilities and Business Risks
• Typical Attack Vectors MiTM, DOS, DDoS, GPS, etc.
• Industrial Cyber Kill Chain and MITRE ATT&CK 
• Explaining the Cyber-Attack Process Step by Step
• Cyber Defense Technologies, IDS/IPS/ SIEM/ SOC etc.
• Best Practices for Industrial Cyber Defense
• Defense Procedures According to BCP, DRP, IR
• Introduction to Round Table Gamification Exercise
• Cyber Incidents Worldwide During the Past Decade 
• ICS-OT Cyber Defense According to ISA 62443