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The Cyber Investigator course is intended for the security forces and was customized for forensic missions in the cyber worlds with an emphasis on the ability to analyze data.

LAB 01

Evidence in Windows OS

LAB 02

Registry Analysis

LAB 03

Evidence in Linux OS

LAB 04

Log Filtering

LAB 05

Volatility Analysis

LAB 09

Analysing Malicious Traffic

LAB 13

Detecting Services and Vulnerabilities

LAB 06

Analysing Android OS

LAB 10

Analysing Windows Servers

LAB 14

Using NMAP

LAB 07

Wireshark Network Analysis

LAB 08

TShark Network Analysis

LAB 11

Endpoint Log Analysis

LAB 12

Browser Analysis

LAB 15

Working with Shodan

LAB 16

Brute-Force Attacks

LAB 17

Metasploit Framework

LAB 18

Malware Analysis

LAB 19

Collecting information from ELK

LAB 20

Bash Scripting

LAB 21

Digital Fingerprinting

Scenario: CI001

Cybersecurity researchers uncovered a new espionage campaign targeting media, construction, engineering, electronics, and finance sectors in Japan, Taiwan, the U.S., and China. One of the attacked companies alerted the Police, you were tasked to research and find the attackers.


Scenario: CI002

A group of hacktivists and transparency advocates has published a massive 269 GB of data allegedly stolen from more than 200 police departments, fusion centers, and other law enforcement agencies across the United States. The security team in charge of this case discovered that some connections were made through the darknet. As part of the police security team, you have been assigned to find leads to the spoken hacktivists.


Scenario: CI003

The Indian army hired cybersecurity researchers to gather evidence of an ongoing cyberespionage campaign against them. You were tasked to analyze and find evidence of espionage.


Scenario: CI004

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a cyber-espionage campaign directed against aerospace and military organizations in Europe and the Middle East with an aim to spy on key employees of the targeted firms. As part of the investigation team in charge of this case, your team have been tasked to investigate any leads to the attacker's group.

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