The CYBERIUM ARENA systems are a high-end cybersecurity simulator focused on cybersecurity training issues such as operations technology and cyber risks of the infotech world; it is through these scenarios that participants are trained. Each course training has full scenarios with a set of problems and issues they will face in the real world including labs and class materials implemented in the CYBERIUM.

The CYBERIUM ARENA is a high-end cybersecurity simulator, which trains participants in the use of a wide variety of on-line tools for identifying the nature of a cyber attack and responding quickly and appropriately to prevent damage and disable the attacker. Participants also learn how to identify potential vulnerabilities in their organization’s network, so they can be addressed before an attacker has a chance to exploit them.

Once participants have familiarized themselves with these tools and their use, they move on to simulated “real-life” attacks, many of them based on actual incidents. The challenge is to thwart an attack in its earliest stages before it has done any significant damage to the organization’s network.

Training via the CYBERIUM ARENA can enable participants to develop high-level cybersecurity expertise and to maintain their edge with regular updating of knowledge and skills in this ever-changing field.

The CYBERIUM ARENA was developed by the Israeli firm, ThinkCyber, and its team is constantly revising the CYBERIUM ARENA's training scenarios to reflect the most current cyber challenges.





ICS/SCADA system controls are most of the critical infrastructures today – such as trains, power plants, electricity, etc. The system may seem safe, but it is still penetrable. One should truly understand how to penetrate, in order to find out effective ways to defend.

Students will learn the components and architecture, the latest threat information, and how to penetrate the ICS/SCADA system. Actual field devices and ICS/SCADA simulation will be utilized to teach zero-day vulnerabilities found on ICS/SCADA related products and how to find zero-day vulnerabilities.

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