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The system is controlled via an intuitive web interface allowing you to choose scenarios, add users, start and stop various scenarios according to your choice and package. Every scenario includes a manual and explanations that help in supporting the trainer in assisting the participants.

The trainer manages data and training, starts scenarios, and generate reports. The trainer chooses the scenarios most appropriate for the topics to be studied.

At the end of the training, the trainer generates reports from the CYBERIUM database.



The CYBERIUM ARENA does not have the visual flash of a computer game. We are not training participants to be gamers. Our approach is serious and purpose-driven. We are developing skills and teaching techniques in order to produce cybersecurity professionals who can cope with every challenge. The CYBERIUM ARENA is focused on cyber issues of operations technology and cyber risks of the infotech world. It is through these scenarios that participants are trained. Each scenario has a set of problems, featuring various servers and networks to expose participants to the variety of issues they will face in the real world.

Real-life scenarios provide participants with actual past or possible situations from cybersecurity or cyberterrorism to solve. 

The importance of training for all participants cannot be over-estimated. It offers them the opportunity of dealing with real-life situations without endangering the organization’s systems.

Learn your team’s strength The results enable the company's senior echelon to understand the group's capabilities and make future decisions based on tasks, goals and more.

Each student receives a score based on the time taken to perform each task and the number of errors, relative to the rest of the group. The student’s final grade reflects the complexity of each task.

The CYBERIUM ARENA is built to support any kind of cyber training. ThinkCyber's most significant advantage is the ability to provide the FULL hands-on (HO) experience in the cyber-security world: training, labs, and scenarios.

ThinkCyber offers White-Team, Blue-Team, and Red-Team training. The different training programs can be selected or customized according to customer needs.


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