The CYBERIUM ARENA systems are a high-end cybersecurity simulator focused on cybersecurity training issues such as operations technology and cyber risks of the infotech world; it is through these scenarios that participants are trained. Each course training has full scenarios with a set of problems and issues they will face in the real world including labs and class materials implemented in the CYBERIUM.


1. Coursebook 

| Digital book, with step-by-step examples.

The coursebooks accompany the lecturers and students alike in the cybersecurity studies. The books have been adapted to the learning processes and allow the student additional help during and after the training with the help of step-by-step solutions.


2. Labs

| Hands-on tasks, files, and servers for practical experience.

The labs are designed to allow students to practice most of the training tasks on the simulator servers without being limited by their hardware. The labs are controlled by the trainer and allow students to perform defense and attack assignments and thus become more professional.

3. Scenarios

|  Real-life scenarios supported by evaluation reports.

Provide participants with actual past or possible situations from cybersecurity or cyberterrorism to solve.  An example of a real-life scenario would be:  The police computer system has been attacked.  The mission is to identify the attacker, repair the damage, and secure the system against future attacks.


4. Trainer-to-Trainer Support

| Using our technology allows you to train your trainers.

Most of the use of the simulator is intended to train college students, police officers, army officers, and law enforcement. To train, you need a trainer who knows how to transfer the course knowledge. One of the main features of the CYBERIUM ARENA simulator is the Trainer-to-Trainer with full explanations of the course topics in addition to recorded lab solutions.
Simulator's ability to generate cyber-trainers is unique to ThinkCyber.


In the world of information security and cyber warfare, cybersecurity professionals are typically assigned to one of three teams: White-Team, Blue-Team, and Red-Team.​ White-Team is the first step into the cyber-world, focusing on monitoring and Incident Response (IR). 


Blue-Team are the defenders. They continually attempt to harden security around and within the company's data systems and networks - even when no testing is going on. They can also act as an active part of the defensive systems when the Red Team is attacking. 


Red-Team are the attackers. Red-Team members are adept at all forms of digital attack, as well as social engineering and other methods to find ways to break into the systems of a company. They let the company feel secure in the knowledge that nothing was held back in the testing. 


The CYBERIUM ARENA is built to support any kind of cyber-training. ThinkCyber’s biggest advantage is the ability to provide the FULL PACKAGE in the cyber-security world: training, training materials, and real-life scenarios.

ThinkCyber has created over 40 training programs, custom-made for different clients in order to support specific needs. ThinkCyber offers White-Team, Blue-Team, and Red-Team training. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.