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You probably have an anti-virus program installed on your computer, and figure you've got the problem covered. As the CTO of an Israeli cyber security company, ThinkCyber, I want to respond by saying: "Not necessarily. All anti-virus programs are not the same." My company has done the research - we've intentionally injected Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Trojans, etc. into computers that have leading anti-virus programs installed, to see how those programs responded. All the anti-virus programs successfully caught and dealt with some of what we threw at them. Only one - ESET - caught and defused virtually everything we hit them with.

You may be wondering why you even need an anti-virus program - you may not even have one, or you may have a simple one that was provided as a freebie or for a minimal charge by your internet supplier to sweeten their deal. Let me briefly go over why you need a top-quality anti-virus program:

You probably have sensitive information on your computer, such as credit card numbers, passwords to commercial sites, etc. This information can be stolen.

Quickly accessing info on your computer may be critical for you, especially if you use it for your work. You may be unable to do your job properly if the data is suddenly inaccessible. Criminals can encrypt all the information on your computer, and demand that you pay a ransom for the code you need in order to re-access your data.

Your computer can be taken over so it can be remotely controlled by criminals, without you noticing any change. They will use it to conduct criminal activities that cannot be traced back to them.

Your mobile phone's microphone and camera can be compromised, so bad guys can listen in on what's being said and what's being done within the immediate vicinity of your phone.

It isn't just ThinkCyber that has concluded that ESET is the best anti-virus available. The program has won dozens of awards from industry publications.

As well as being best at combatting viruses, we found that ESET uses significantly less of your computer's computing power for running its program.

ThinkCyber took it a step further than offering ESET our congratulations. We approached them, and offered to sell their products on our ThinkCyber web site at a 10 per cent discount. That is something no other company - including ESET itself - is offering. That 10 per cent discount is coming out of ThinkCyber pockets. We figured that although we will lose a little profit, it's a great way for us to introduce ThinkCyber to the wider public, and make sure as many people as possible have the optimal anti-virus tool.

Just a word of background about ThinkCyber: we are an Israeli company that provides training and consulting to the IDF and the police, to government ministries and private businesses. We also provide our services to foreign Israel-friendly governments and militaries. We welcome your inquiries as to how we can help you keep your systems safe.


For inquiries re ThinkCyber services, call 1-700-505-990 or write

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