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Cyber Warfare training is about large attacks using technology to attack a nation, causing comparable harm to actual warfare. This training sets the groundwork for specialization in cyber forensics, advanced cyber defense, and penetrating testing.

LAB 01

Advanced Web-Discovery

LAB 02

Network Attacks

LAB 03

Gaining Access

LAB 04

Privilege Escalation

LAB 05

Maintaining Persistence

LAB 06

Pivoting and Tunneling

LAB 07

Controlling the Network

LAB 08

Command and Control

LAB 09

Red-Team PowerShell

LAB 10

Working with VPNs

LAB 11

Securing Linux

LAB 12

Securing Windows

Scenario: CW001

Tether is the first blockchain-enabled platform to enable payment using digital currency. As a hacker from an unknown organization, you have identified this as an opportunity to make some cash. Your mission is to gain information about the target to steal digital tokens.

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Scenario: CW002

As an Instagram enthusiast and a bug hunter – you were looking for some more fame over the social network. You have discovered that Instagram has a fragile password policy, and you're going to let it play to your advantage.


Scenario: CW003

A well known YouTube channel called PewDiePie is seeking for a relatively cheap but effective way to promote his channel. As a well-known hacker, the offer ended up on your table. Find a way to hack into as many machines to help the viral YouTube channel.


Scenario: CW004

You are a part of the Iranian Government Cyberwarfare department. Your mission is to maintain your persistence by crafting a backdoor in the target's network. Your way of action is to take advantage of a flawed service.


Scenario: CW005

Ghost, A blogging platform is a target of a secret hackers group. This blogging platform was used to spread information that didn't go hand to hand with the group's agenda. Your mission is to find a vulnerability in the company's server and take it down.

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