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In this course, students who participated in the introductory course (RT433) will further deepen their knowledge and understanding of exploit research and development. This comprehensive course is designed to turn the students into high-level security experts. They will learn how to find critical vulnerabilities everywhere in the platforms an exploit them. 

LAB 01

Program Memory Anatomy

LAB 02

Executing Instructions

LAB 03

Allocate Shellcode Size

LAB 04

Writing POC Code

LAB 05

Modify the Execution Flow of Programs

LAB 06


LAB 07

Heap Metadata

LAB 08

Converting Strings to Little Endian Integers

LAB 09

Remote Heap Overflow Attack

LAB 10

Exploiting Directory Permissions

LAB 11

Exploit Local Network Services

Scenario: EDB001

Cybersecurity researchers unveiled the existence of a highly sophisticated spyware framework that has been in operation for a few years that allowed the attacker to spy on diplomatics computers. Use your skills to identify the malware.


Scenario: EDB002

VideoLAN recently published a security advisory warning of a Buffer Overflow vulnerability of the VLC Media Player. An employee from a local IT company used the vulnerable version and became a victim.

Annotation 2020-05-22 084343.jpg

Scenario: EDB003

Hackers offered a Zero-Day Exploit for the Video conference app Zoom. The exploit will allow the hacker to view other user's calls.


Scenario: EDB004

A hacking group has updated its unique TTP (tactics, techniques, and procedures) and changed its encryption alphabets, string encryption, and commands for the bot and the main module to evade detection by security tools. You, as the Exploit specialist, was called break-down their exploit and bypass their new security updates.


Scenario: EDB005

The attack used the BlackHole exploit kit, which redirected the web site's visitors to an external malware-hosting site. You have been tasked to identify the malware in-depth and check for any weaknesses in the code.

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