The CYBERIUM ARENA is built to support any kind of cyber training. ThinkCyber’s biggest advantage is the ability to provide the FULL PACKAGE in the cyber-security world: training, training materials and simulator.


The customer can choose cyber-courses packages that include:

  • Training Materials (student books, exercises and labs including step-by step solutions).

  • Trainer-2-Trainer and course support.

  • Scenarios using the CYBERIUM ARENA simulator.


ThinkCyber has created over 40 training programs, custom-made for different clients in order to support specific needs.

 Web Security 

 Penetration Testing 

 OSINT & DarkNet 

 Malware Analysis 

 Cyber Security 

 Network Forensics 

Windows Exploitation

 Reverse Engineering 

 Windows Forensics 

 Python Security 


Cyber Warfare

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