Following each scenario, a set of detailed reports are automatically generated – allowing an employer, potential employer, teacher or squad leader in measuring abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of the participants:

  • Student Report, showing how each student performed on the scenario

  • Group Report, showing how the students performed on the tasks of each scenario

  • Unit Report, showing students’ progress over all the scenarios.

The reports play a key role in evaluation, allowing each unit and a group of experts to be challenged into dealing with real cyber scenarios.


The first slide of the report displays general information: duration of the scenario, level of difficulty of the scenario, the date, and the name of the unit.


The next set of slides displays the student scores for each of the tasks required to complete the scenario, and includes the average score for the task, the top five students, and the distribution of student scores into low, medium and high levels for the task.


The following slide compares the scores of all the students and the top three students over all the tasks.


Student reports display information on each student for each scenario, including the rank of the student within the group, the number of mistakes, the time taken for each task compared to the average time for that task, the total time, the total number of errors, the final score for each scenario, and the student’s comparative performance on each task.



Following the individual student reports, the best scores in three categories are displayed: shortest time, minimum number of errors, and the highest score.



Finally, the overall comparison of all the students and the performance of the top three students is provided.


The first slide displays information about the unit itself: the total number of students, which scenarios were completed, the total number of scenarios available, and the distribution of the tasks between defense, offense, and monitoring.


The following slides display information about each student, including: which scenarios were completed, overall ranking in the unit, the total score, defense, offense, and monitoring points earned, total time spent in the CYBERIUM ARENA, and total student progress.

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