TIER 1 / TR001

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TIER 1 is an essential course that covers main topics from the cyber world and allows the participants to get a quick view of the complex world of digital crimes. This training covers the core concepts of defense and understanding in the practical world using the CYBERIUM ARENA simulator. Students will learn about different domain structures and security technology products. 

LAB 01

Cyber Basics

LAB 02

Linux OS

LAB 03

Basic Networks

LAB 04

Cyber Defense

Scenario: TR001

A Microsoft subsidiary company has been targeted for an attack through newly discovered vulnerabilities leaked by the National Security Agency. The system administrator of the company suspects an attacker already got access to the systems and hid some files. It's your job to locate who and what was added into the system.  


Scenario: TR002

Network administrators of OnePlus Technology Co. hired your assistance to analyze recent network traffic on the main website, after suffering a profoundly impacting data breach on their servers. You are given full access to servers to monitor the network and to report your findings.  


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