about tHINKcYBER

ThinkCyber was founded in 2016, with a mission of changing the world of cyber training.


ThinkCyber is a Tel Aviv-based Israeli company with a lean team of cybersecurity professionals who are experts in both information and operations technology. The team conducts its own in-depth research on the changing world of cyber threats and techniques for ensuring cybersecurity. The company focuses on the need for spreading knowledge and raising a new generation of cybersecurity professionals.​

Cybersecurity is an ever-expanding issue in today’s world, necessitating an ever-expanding layer of cyber professionals in virtually every field in order to protect computer networks. ThinkCyber is at the forefront of this field, training cyber units attached to police, military, government, and corporate organizations. In fact, ThinkCyber has, in some cases, helped armies set up cyber units from scratch.


The CYBERIUM ARENA is ThinkCyber’s prime training tool for educating the next generation of cyber professionals. It was developed in-house and is a proprietary tool marketed exclusively by ThinkCyber and its international network of agents.

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