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The CYBERIUM ARENA simulator, backed by ThinkCyber, provides an all-encompassing, dynamic training platform in the realm of cybersecurity.


Specto, powered by its groundbreaking technology, revolutionizes the honeypot approach to cybersecurity. It enables real-time monitoring, recording, and analysis of every hacking attempt, providing immediate insights into the methods used by cyber adversaries.


The simulator employs an advanced cloud-based system, allowing students to engage in practice sessions at their convenience and pace. When a training scenario begins, the simulator automatically deploys virtual systems within the Cyberium Arena, creating an immersive and realistic cybersecurity environment.

Legacy Media Gallery

The ThinkCyber Legacy Media Gallery, a new addition to our 'Resources' page, serves as a dynamic and interactive repository of our rich history in cybersecurity. This digital gallery is designed to host an array of media content from previous years, featuring images and videos that highlight our milestones, events, and the evolution of our offerings. By clicking on the link to the Legacy page, visitors will be transported to a curated experience of our journey in the cybersecurity domain. The gallery not only stands as a testament to our growth and achievements but also provides an insightful look into the cybersecurity landscape over the years. The Legacy Media Gallery, thus, fosters a deep understanding and connection with our audience, allowing them to witness and partake in ThinkCyber's ongoing journey in shaping a secure digital world.

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