The CYBERIUM ARENA simulator does not have the visual flash of a computer game. We are not training participants to be gamers. Our approach is serious and purpose-driven. We are developing skills and teaching techniques in order to produce cybersecurity professionals who can cope with every challenge. The CYBERIUM ARENA is a high-end cybersecurity simulator focused on cyber issues of operations technology and cyber risks of the infotech world. It is through these scenarios that participants are trained. Each scenario has a set of problems, featuring various servers and networks to expose participants to the variety of issues they will face in the real world. 


Educational scenarios guide participants through the mission, providing information and tools, and teaching skills as needed. Real-life scenarios provide participants with actual past or possible situations from cybersecurity or cyberterrorism to solve - an excellent tool for both training and evaluation of participants.

On-site Simulator

Purchasing the CYBERIUM ARENA simulator for on-site use such as organizations interested in managing and using the scenarios in their own facilities and with their own trainers.


Using the CYBERIUM ARENA in coursework, without the need of purchasing a physical server. This can be a great solution for academies worldwide.

Cyber Training

In the world of information security and cyber warfare, cybersecurity professionals are typically assigned to one of three teams: White Team, Blue Team, Red Team.

ThinkCyber training is done with lots of methodologies and using the CYBERIUM simulator.

Online Labs

ThinkCyber Windows Forensics (TCWF) and Network Forensics (TCNF) are certifications offered by ThinkCyber that teaches forensics methodologies, familiarity with the most up-to-date tools, and the necessary skills to fully utilize them.

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