LAHAV 433 
Israeli Police cyber division

Officers of the unit underwent special training to identify fraud and cyber attacks. The training included forensics, DarkNet network, digital investigations, and digital fraud.

A course entitled "Computer Skilled Researcher" was written in favor of the course and is now used by the police.​​

Cyber Training 
Getting students ready to serve in elite intelligence units

A 100 hours course built by ThinkCyber, which imparts professional knowledge and practice from the basics up to preparation for the IDF and the industry.

Each student receives a coursebook that accompanies him and allows him to progress at a personal pace.

Cyber Units
Establishment and training of intelligence units in Africa

A program that began with cooperation between governments in Africa and the State of Israel quickly developed into building an intelligence unit with the knowledge and capabilities in the Cyberworld.

Israel Defense Forces
Intelligence and Cyber training

A special project to train White, Blue and Red units in the areas of attack and defense in the cyber-world. Advanced studies that were built for the Israeli forces.

During the course, the units carried out the construction of attack and defense tools, learned and practiced advanced methodologies, and provided special skills to cope with current threats.​

Academic Training
Cyber training and consulting in Singapore

Full HO (Hands-On) Cyber training for companies and University professors in Singapore. Intense training, giving the participants advanced knowledge to deal with cyber attacks.

IoT Penetration
Cyber consulting and pentesting for IoT, Mobile and computer servers

The Tel Aviv Municipality has established a huge project that deals with car rental at an hourly price.

The test is intended to examine the physical and computer vulnerability of the system, in order to prevent a hostile takeover of the vehicle by obtaining high privileges, leakage of confidential information from the system such as the identity of the users/car owners, payment details and travel history.

Academy and Police
Forensics Consulting and Training in India

Working with local universities and police forces, learning new techniques and methodologies to handle real cyber attacks.

Cyber in Japan
Cyber Security Workshops in Tokyo

After starting cooperation with our partners in Japan in the year 2017, ThinkCyber has made it possible to learn lots of knowledge in a short time. Students have connected to the Arena and are getting a full practice in real situations.

Cooperations in Japan
B2B and B2G

After showing advanced capabilities, some of the largest companies in Japan have opened their doors to the Israeli cyber security company, ThinkCyber, setting long-term relations.

UN Projects
Training and consulting the police special cyber forces

As part of the UN policy to help countries, ThinkCyber was asked to take place in training and consulting the cyber units in the country. 

The units were getting help to set up and build capabilities as developing countries have.

ICS/SCADA Consulting
Palace of the Parliament, Romania

Getting invited to the parliament in Romania, ThinkCyber was asked to explain about attacks and defenses from the firm experience.

Israel Defense Forces
Blue and Red teams training

More cyber units are interested in investing time and effort into upgrading their skills and capabilities. Most of the units that ask to study with ThinkCyber are already done with their own basic training and are ready now to learn new techniques and use our simulator in order to acquire the ability to handle real cyber scenarios.

CyberTech Tokyo
Presenting the CYBERIUM ARENA

This is the third time ThinkCyber is presenting in CyberTech. We used this moment to show the world how our CYBERIUM ARENA is a great learning tool for students worldwide.

Cyber Security for IT Professional Workshop, Portugal

Cyber-security workshop for participants from 8 different companies. ​Participants learned how to identify vulnerabilities in their own networks and how to look for cyber attacks.

Microsoft R&D
Cyber Security Training

A three-day workshop, deep and intensive training program in which Microsoft's developers learned about the world of information security, and in particular how to properly program and write lines of code that will meet the requirements of information security. At the end of each day, the students were able to check their capabilities using the CYBERIUM ARENA simulator.​

World Bank, Israel
Cyber Security consulting 

The World Bank is changing Africa for the better. ThinkCyber was asked to help the groups from 15 different companies to become more secure.

Cyber training and evaluation

The CYBERIUM ARENA, our simulator, is being used by different security experts in the industry. Groups of specialists come to upgrade their skills using real-life scenarios.

At the end of each scenario, the students get a full report on how they did and what they can improve.

Different industry groups and companies have shown their big interest in the system's capabilities.

IDF Championship
Scenario CSI008G

ThinkCyber is proud to present Cyberium Arena Simulator, ranking all of the IDF special cyber forces.

Over 100 soldiers entered the ARENA to test their skills and capabilities.

Mission: stop the next train attack

Kenya Training
Workshops for different government authorities

Various organizations represented in the cyber security for IT Professionals Training by ThinkCyber in partnership with ModCom.

ThinkCyber in Ghana
Presenting ways to protect companies

ThinkCyber was invited by the Israeli embassy in Ghana to help and partner with local companies in order to improve security and build capabilities.

ThinkCyber and John-Bryce, the largest IT college in Israel

The job market is in a huge shortage of cyber-security professionals who have the ability and tools to handle the new challenges. ThinkCyber and John-Bryce our proud to collaborate on a new advanced course. The only course that encompasses the advanced topics in the field and imparts practical skills and hands-on experience.

Cyber training for governments

Training in Israel to acquire cyber-skills and understand current threats. 

Selling the ARENA

When the best and the best are doing business together, big things start happening!

ThinkCyber is selling the best cyber simulator in the world, the CYBERIUM ARENA, to a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries.