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Cyberium Arena Demo Page


To connect to the Cyberium Arena Simulator, simply navigate to the Login page, and put your username and password.


The username is an e-mail address and the password is a code that is sent to the student and that can be changed later.

Student Area

The Student Area contains a few usefull informations, such as:

The anonymized code (S#), to avoid showing the full name of the students and keep privacy within the simulator and in the reports.

The Unit in which the student is also appear here.

An envelope also shows at the top right corner, so the Student could have access to messages.

Training Program Modules

Each Training Program includes a precise list of Modules.

Common to all Training Programs, students will find an optional Interview Preparation module, to help them revise some key aspects and prepare for a job interview and also the Project Module.


Each Module provides its corresponding pre-recorded video, which the Student can use to learn about the material of that module.  

Students can play the videos as many times as they want, if they need to, so they could grasp the required knowledge to do their labs.


Each Module also provides its corresponding book, which the Student can read to learn more about the material of that module.  

Students can consult the book as many times as they want, just as for the videos, when needed.

Lab Status

Once all lab questions of a given module are answered, its corresponding Lab Progress quadrant will indicate 100%.

The progress bar on the right hand side of the screen shows the overall Training Program progress for all its related Modules.  

The student can also return to the Main page and go in Lab Status to have a complete overview of its Progress.

Lab Test

The Lab Test becomes available for the student once he completes 85% of the Lab questions of a given Module.

This is a great way to test what he has learned in that Module and good preparation for the more demanding Scenarios, that can be seen as the Final Exams of the Training Programs.

Abort Lab Test

If, for a reason or another, a student would like to abort a Lab Test and do it later, he can do it clicking on the Finish Scenario button on the right hand side of the screen. 

Lab Status
after a Lab Test

Once a Student successfully completes a Lab Test for a given Module, the box corresponding to the Module in question will appear greyed out in the Lab Status page.

This confirms the Lab Test for that concrete module was done.

Extra Practice

Once the student has completed all the lab questions and the Lab Test, he can always go back to do the optional Extra Practice questions if needed.  

This is a good opportunity to improve the skills, with a supplemental pool of questions.

Finish a Program

Move to next one

Once all Modules of a Training Program are completed, the "Current Training" menu at the top will allow the student to select the next one.

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