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Skills Assessments

Empower Your Team with Our Skills Assessment

Tailoring Cybersecurity Excellence.

Our Skills Assessments offer a thorough evaluation of your team's proficiency in cybersecurity, serving as a crucial instrument to gauge their expertise. By identifying potential areas of improvement through these evaluations, we are able to customize an effective enhancement plan for your team. Utilizing the information derived from these assessments, we design training modules aimed at addressing the discerned gaps. This targeted strategy ensures that your team stays updated and adept in the dynamic and rapidly changing landscape of cybersecurity.

Understanding the Process

Our Skills Assessment protocol is a well-rounded, month-long initiative crafted to give an encompassing insight into your team's cybersecurity expertise.

Here's the detailed breakdown:

  • Weeks 1 & 2: Your team engages with educational content focusing on a distinct cybersecurity topic. As each week concludes, they will undergo a scenario-based examination designed to measure their proficiency in the covered topic.

  • Weeks 3 & 4 (Optional): This sequence is replicated with course material from an alternate cybersecurity theme, followed by two new scenario-oriented tests at the culmination of each week.

This phased structure, which alternates between instruction and evaluation, assists in recognizing both the team's prowess and the sectors requiring enhancement. Upon completing the assessment, we deliver a comprehensive report encapsulating your team's performance. These documents illuminate the competencies of individual team members, thereby empowering managers to optimally align roles and responsibilities based on these insights. In essence, they allow managers to place their employees in positions where they can leverage their strengths and contribute most effectively.

Cyber Training
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